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With Chamada Patrocinada your brand reaches up to 50 million people daily through mobile in a non-invasive form and with an extensive format flexibility. Advertise with Chamada Patrocinada and check all the profitability and assertiveness your advertisement spot will gain with this new media channel.

How does it work?

The Chamada Patrocinada ads can be heard by customers of Vivo carrier, subscribers of the Contract, Pre-paid or Control plans, with or without credit.

When dialing *4040 followed by the cell phone number the customer wishes to call, the user listens to the advertisement audio fully and can interact through the device keyboard, typing a character to subscribe to the service, inform their data (lead) or receive a SMS with a link to download an app or access a website.


The number of cell phone and smartphone users is growing and, proportionally, the time they dedicate to use this technology.

With a sophisticated data intelligence system it is possible to develop campaigns for specific clusters of operational systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.), mobile phone carriers, area, history and behavior of users.

How to advertise?

The advertisement spaces are sold through CPM and CPC, with prices varying according to the audience segmentation and the campaign’s goal.

In a simple and agile form, the campaign is quickly integrated and tagged in the SupportComm platforms, which start offering daily performance follow-up reports. With a unique and customized service, the campaigns are constantly optimized to reach maximum ROI in a short period of time.

Guarantee the reach, presence and retention of your campaign using a high penetration media and mobile market attention.

Overcome your reach and profitability results with SupportComm.

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