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How does it work?

dDivulga is a pioneer mobile marketing and advertisement solution by means of sponsored data, that offer the final consumer the benefit to surf the web for free.

When the entire data package has been consumed, the smartphone users are directed to the “Captive Portal” (carrier’s web page) to interact with advertisements such as banners and videos. The user only received the free data package after the advertisement interactions have been succesfully correctly with one verification question. Besides, there is an area specifically targeted to incentive downloads and/or apps subscription, the filling of leads and surveys.


The number of cell phone and smartphone users connecting to the internet increases every day. In less than a month after being launched, the dDivulga channel has more than 6 million page views per day.

With a sophisticated data intelligence system, it is possible to develop campaigns for specific clusters of operational systems, mobile phone carriers, area, history and behaviors.

How to advertise?

The advertising spaces are sold through CPM, CPC, CPL and CPI for values ranging according to the audience segmentation and campaign goal.

In a simple and agile form, the campaign is quickly integrated and tagged to SupportComm platforms, which start offering daily performance follow-up reports. With a unique and customized service, the campaigns are constantly optimized to reach maximum ROI in a short period of time.

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