Dial out

Be certain of the user interaction
with your brand

Get your clients attention, talk and interact with each one of them straight through the cell phone.

Guarantee your ad’s effectivity with a differentiated one-to-one approach through an attractive and premium audio reaching millions of people belonging to this segment of interest and bring your brand closer to the mobile universe.

Bring innovation to your campaign with the safety and assertiveness from the SupportComm solutions targeted advertising.

How does it work?

Users receive a voice phone call in their cell phone, listen to one or more offers and interact with the brand confirming the interest in hiring the service, app download of making their data available for lead/survey enriching.

It is viable to customize the audio using a celebrity or personality reference voice, for example, and making it much more adherent to the audience you wish to impact.


The Dial Out solution of SupportComm is a high reach media channel with capacity to trigger up to 1 million daily calls.

Your campaigns can be segmented according to the code area (DDD), plan (Contract, Pre-paid or Control) or purchase behavior of each client.

How to advertise?

SupportComm defines together with the advertiser or carrier the target audience, the advertisement that will be triggered, mailing strategy and all the mailing segmentation needed to reach the expected audience. It is possible to track the online results, with real time information about your Mobile Marketing campaign.

The advertisement spaces are sold through CPA, CPC, CPM and the prices vary according to the audience segmentation and the campaign’s goal. Your campaign is quickly integrated and tagged in a simple and agile form to the SupportComm platforms, guaranteeing the delivery of complete and customized reports according to your interest.

The campaigns are constantly optimized to reach maximum ROI in a short period of time. Talk to your clients and expand your campaign’s possibility.

Overcome reach and profitability results with SupportComm.

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