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A SupportComm is the only company that has mobile platforms for integrated Voice, SMS, Data and Web apps allowing technology convergence, development of high reach solutions for all mobile interfaces and construction of new interactive experiences to users.


Content developed to promote interactive experiences with high performance is distributed by means of the most varied channels of high reach and in many platforms and protocols such as WAP, Web, SMS and MMS, or just to integrate your own solution to the computational assets of SupportComm, which are connected to the biggest Brazilian mobile phone carriers.

Structure and Customer Support

O know-how da equipe SupportComm team’s know-how allow, besides content management, to manage co-billing steps of all and any integrated product or service in your company. This adds sales value, assuring your product is described in the mobile phone bills sent straight to users by Claro, Claro Peru, Vivo, Oi and Telcel carriers.

With all this structure it is possible to make your product, brand or service available to all mobile and smartphone users in Brazil, connected through our partner-carriers.


In 5 years we have had more than 200 million hits and downloads, about 900 million minutes or 15 million annual hours of content in voice portals of SupportComm besides the monthly traffic of 2 billion SMS messages sent.

Count on a solid infrastructure and availability of connection diversity to reach the target audience your company really wants.

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