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dynamic offers via voice

Talk to who is looking for the best offers daily!

Increase sales conversion of your advertisement by allowing SupportComm to prioritize and filter the audience most connected to your goal. Use a premium approach to advertise, sell or promote your products, services or APPs and increase your campaign profitability with conversion rates of up to 7%.

With the intelligent Voice solution mDivulga, it is possible to present more than 40 offers for each user following an interaction priority, history and behavior that will guarantee the attractiveness, adherence and profitability of each advertisement.

How does it work?

Vivo’s clients selected according to areas (area code), plans (Contract, Pre-paid and Control) and consumption history, are encouraged to call *2020 and to listen to a carousel of offers recorded by celebrities or reference personalities in many segments.

Thereafter, they will be able to acquire products and services through their own mobile device.


It’s more than 1 million daily calls! Count on SupportComm Mobile Marketing and Media Management channels to create and optimize your media campaign.

With thousands of spontaneous calls coming from users, the mDivulga solution is a powerful audio media tool that unifies the best in reach and frequency of an offline media with the low cost of an online media.

How to advertise?

The advertisement spaces are sold through CPA and the prices vary according to the audience segmentation and the campaign’s goal.

In a simple and agile form, the campaign is quickly integrated and tagged to our platforms ensuring the delivery of complete and customized reports, and the daily follow-up results. With a unique and qualified service, campaigns are constantly optimized to reach maximum ROI in a short period of time.

Turn your ad into the right offer, to the right person, with the ideal format and feel the mobile marketing power.

Overcome your reach and profitability results with SupportComm.

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